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About Us

Ida and Christine's was established in 2016 but didn't become a candle company until June 2019. The name was first thought of by me (Tamika) as a way to respect and honor my grandmothers. They are no longer here on Earth with me physically but spiritually, I feel them daily. They were both strong women who had strong men in their lives that could handle them. With what I've taken from them, I too have a strong man who can handle me... my loving husband Quincy. 
Together, we created this business because we love fragrance. We started the company because too many times we've purchased candles, reed diffusers, air fresheners etc and spend so much money on products that do not last. So why not make our own, right? We wanted to make products that were beneficial to our health, were cost effective and kept the house smelling good. 
Our candles are made with 100% soy wax so it burns cleaner AND it holds fragrance longer than other waxes. All the oils are phthalate free so they are not harmful to people with allergies. 
We hope you enjoy our products and we'll continue to bless your homes with the same products we use in out home. 
Quincy and Tamika Young